Thursday, September 22, 2016


I'm simply horrified and completely heart-broken over what I am seeing unfold in our country. Not only does the senseless violence, ridiculous racism, and deeply-rooted hatred make me sick, but it's the divisiveness among Christians that lands the gut-wrenching blow.

What is going on here?? Why are we even arguing?? We should be grieving for the lives lost and affected, reaching out to friends and loved ones who need us, and on our knees in prayer. Instead I see messages raging across social media oozing with hatred and attempts to justify every single event that has taken place.

Lives were lost. THAT should grieve us as it grieves our sweet Savior! Life is precious. We, mankind....ALL races/shapes/sizes, were created in the image of our Creator. ANYTIME a life is taken, no matter what the reason, it should touch our soul in the way that it does the Giver of Life. If we ever get to the point where a lost life doesn't sadden us in any way shape or form...well...God help us.

Our souls are the only thing that is eternal here. Are we sad that the ones that died possibly may never have heard the Gospel?? Are we more concerned about how we can show Jesus through this than justice?? What gets your blood pumping more- arguing back and forth about racism, justice, inequality, etc? Or realizing the fact that hell may have possibly gained another soul...for eternity??? I can tell you what our world is seeing that Christians care more about....

God forgive us....

When are we going to stop sitting back on our laurels up on our religious pedestals and be the Church?!? Stop arguing with others about worldly things. Yes, injustice, racism, inequality, etc is disgusting!! I hate it too! But when does arguing about it change anything?!? All it does is fuel the fire. Us arguing about whether or not an action was justified WILL NOT do anything except make the gap bigger. So stop it. Just stop it.

Instead, let's do what the Church should be doing. Love. Love your neighbor...even if you don't like him. Love those who are similar to you and incredibly different from you. Just love.

Reach out. Let friends/family know how sorry you are to see them going through this. Ask how you can help. If there's nothing you can do, you can pray. We should all be doing that anyways.

And let's stop the arguing. Let's do what James says in James 1:19 "Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger;". If the Church started living as Christ wants us to live, showing Him to others, and seeing each other for their souls not their skin, things could look radically different here. When we start living like "all souls matter", you can bet that will impact our world.

So will you? Let's do it together. Let's live like #allsoulsmatter.

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