Friday, April 25, 2014

New approach

So here I am again....trying yet another new thing :) I hope this one will stick! I'm "vlogging" now. Ha! A friend suggested that I try this route and see how it goes. So here is my first attempt. It's a "vision, get to know me" type video. Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Past Projects

So I thought! would start this page out with the projects that I have done in the last year. I LOVE to change things- much to my hubs' chagrin :) Ha! From now on, I will make a separate post for each project, but for now here's an overview!

One side is for fall, the other for Christmas!

I love to paint!!

Entertainment Center Fun!

I was in a yellow phase.... :)

My spring wreath!
So these were just some of my projects over the last year. I LOVE to change things and I LOVE to bring color into my home! I can't paint b/c we are renting, so I bring color in through the accents. I have more plans in the works, so be watching! :)