Friday, April 13, 2012

Life update:)

i just realized how long its been since i've written on here! wow! i'm not so good at keeping up! haha! SO much has been going on here! its crazy! my beautiful SIL is now engaged to her fantastic fiance! they are adorable together and the wedding planning is in full swing! SO fun! i was SO honored when she asked me to be her matron of honor! this is my first time, and i had no idea how much was involved in that role. but i LOVE it! its going to be a beautiful wedding! nothing gives me more joy than seeing two people united, in Christ, committing to each other their hearts and lives for the rest of their earthly lives. marriage is the best representation of our relationship with Christ. and to celebrate a union like rachel and ryan's, is nothing but exciting and joyful!! congrats you guys!!

on another note, i had another checkup and am still cancer free!!!!!! praise GOD!!!! its has been 2 1/2 years now since my last relapse. i'm really hoping and praying that this is all behind us now! that was such a good feeling to come out of that office with that news!

life is getting ready to get busier for us. summer is the busy season in farming. i'm also undertaking my first garden this year. that will be interesting considering i have a "black thumb" :) haha! i'm glad i will have help though! i'm getting ready to start a new curriculum with savannah this next year too. we did classical conversations this last year. it was a great introduction into homeschooling for me. and i got to meet one of my closest and best friends now! its crazy how quickly we became friends! i'm really sad though because they are moving to montana here this month. but i'm thankful for technology and skype! haha! it makes it much easier to keep in touch. i'm very excited about the upcoming changes in our schooling and lives. i'm actually a person who has grown to love change. it gives a fresh new perspective on things and can often be fun! i never used to be like that, but i think through all of our moves and changes, i have grown to love it. God always does something cool through the changes and its exciting to see that! you have to find the positives in change or you will constantly be weighted down. we live in a constantly changing world, so its impossible to avoid it. so why not embrace it? :)